#Barba Italiana’s Design division was set up for a specific purpose: to take care of interior furnishings for hairdressing salons. Conceived and designed by famous Italian designers and technical experts in the field, our furniture makes each salon unique and special, adding the refinement and elegance that are the very essence of #Barba Italiana style.


#Barba Italiana Design strongly believes in quality products that have been expertly created. This is why our marketing supports are made by artisans who live and work in Italy; each one specialized in a specific field and able to give the best possible value to their creations.

We believe in the beauty of things that arise from passion. We believe in those who have created them, respecting the material, giving it shape, moulding it from nothing, following a method of slow, solemn procedures that determine the perfection of the result. Because a thing that takes time to create is built to last longer.

We are making dreams come true: creating strong synergies with the excellence of local craftsmanship, revitalizing the activity of small businesses that otherwise might be overwhelmed by large industries and serialized production. #Barba Italiana Design exports skills that are Made in Italy to more than 27 countries around the world, giving value to craftsmanship, to the attention to detail and respect for nature that has always distinguished what we do.

#Barba Italiana Design offers innovative and elegant furniture: soft colours that warm the environment to create relaxed and sophisticated atmospheres, suited to even the most discerning customers.

Comfort and elegance, according to the unique style of #Barba Italiana.