FARNESE – Hair loss lotion


A complex rich in raw materials, such as Citrulline, Caffeine and Vitamin PP, known for their remarkable vasodilating, stimulating and energising properties, combined with Ornitin, which activates the growth factors.

In addition, the Juniper, Orange, Cedar, Mint, Savory and Palmarosa essential oils help strengthen the hair bulb, giving tone, volume and sanitation to the scalp.

  • No animal testing
  • Free of paraffin, SLS, SLES, silicones and derivatives

250 mL

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Spray the anti-dandruff purifying lotion everyday onto the scalp with the special nozzle, then massage until complete absorption. Do not rinse.

The use of Scala hair loss shampoo is recommended before treatment.

Thanks to its detoxifying function it promotes and improves blood circulation, preventing or limiting hair loss. Its antiseptic, astringent, healing, skin purifying and toning properties make it ideal for greasy hair.

Thanks to their refreshing, healing, disinfectant and purifying properties, they are ideal for irritated and reddened skin. Soothing action that relieves itching.

Excellent healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action useful as sebum-regulator for greasy hair. Contains Lemonene, well known for its refreshing effect. Its highly purifying and moisturising power hinders dandruff and hair dryness.

Improves blood circulation, moisturises, protects and its quick absorption has an anti-ageing action on the skin. Recommended as an androgenetic alopecia treatment for it stimulates hair regrowth.

This essential oil is an excellent boost for the scalp health, as a remedy against hair loss. It hinders scalp inflammation, preventing dandruff and solving the problem of greasy, oily hair. Stimulates micro-circulation on the scalp by improving blood flow.

Ideal for fortifying the hair bulb while also preventing hair loss.

Useful to remove both hair and scalp imperfections.

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