Buy Leonardo three-valued lotion and receive for free Michelangelo shampoo triple action.

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LEONARDO: Triple-action, no-rinse lotion composed of a synergy of 14 essential oils. Prevents or reduces the problems of hair loss, dandruff and greasy hair.

MICHELANGELO: Shampoo with smooth and fluid texture, providing a cleansing and conditioning action, naturally volumizing and preventing hair loss, dandruff and grease.


MICHELANGELO: Apply to dry or wet hair, leave on for a few minutes, rinse and towel dry.

LEONARDO: Shake and apply to the scalp, massaging until completely absorbed. Repeat the application several times every day. Ideal if used after Michelangelo tri-action shampoo.

Main Elements


Excellent healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, and useful as sebum-regulator for greasy hair. Contains Limonene, well known for its refreshing properties. Hinders the formation of dandruff and dry hair, thanks to its high purifying and moisturizing power.

Has the power to disinfect, calm, reduce scalp inflammation and improve blood circulation. For this reason it’s useful for the prevention of hair loss. It’s also recommended as a preventive measure for male baldness and as an excellent remedy for greasy hair, seborrheic dermatitis and some forms of eczema.

Out of the essential oils, it’s one of the most recommended in the hair care thanks to its antiseptic and sebum normalizing properties, it refreshes and invigorates the scalp, and has an anti-dandruff action. Furthermore, it’s a toning and purifying oil for the scalp and helps cellular oxygenation.



Energizing, toning, natural revitalizing and antioxidant, blocking the dangerous effects of free radicals, slowing down cellular aging, increasing the elasticity of the epidermis and its hydration. Excellent as an anti-inflammatory for reddened skin. It reactivates peripheral circulation, nourishing and reinforcing the hair.

Thanks to its detoxifying function it promotes and improves blood circulation, preventing or limiting hair loss. Its antiseptic, astringent, healing, skin purifying and toning properties make it ideal for greasy hair.

Thanks to its antiseptic, antiparasite and antibacterial properties, it’s a panacea for weak hair. It stimulates blood circulation, promoting tissues oxygenation and hair regrowth. Ideal for greasy skin or with dandruff and to hinder hair loss.

It’s one of the most recommended essential oils in the care of scalp because, thanks to its antiseptic and sebum-normalizing properties, it refreshes and invigorates hair, re-oxygenating the tissues. It also has an anti-dandruff action.

On the scalp it has a soothing, calming and regenerating action. Indicated for greasy and not very elastic skin.

Thanks to their refreshing, healing, disinfectant and purifying properties, they are ideal for irritated and reddened skin. Soothing action that relieves itching.

Suitable for greasy hair. for softness and smoothness even in case of frequent washing.

Astringent and rejuvenating, it helps to eliminate excess sebum. It promotes the generation of new cells and hinders the ageing processes, encouraging healing. Ideal on scalps with grease or dandruff.

An excellent tonic that makes hair strong, resistant and shiny.

It has the power to disinfect, calm, reduce inflamed areas of the scalp and improve blood circulation. Helps the prevention of hair loss due to stress, physical weariness and changes of season. Recommended as a preventive measure for male baldness, it’s an excellent remedy for greasy hair and seborrheic dermatitis.

It has purifying and stimulating properties. Known as the sebum-regulator par excellence.

Indicated to hinder the occurrence of dandruff and to make dry hair softer and more nourished. It also invigorates and disinfects the scalp and delays hair loss.

Its anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, softening and calming action gives relief to sensitive and irritated skin.

It’s indicated for dry and frizzy hair. Furthermore, it protects against external agents such as smog, sun and chlorine.