#Barba Italiana offers a wide range of professional products Made in Italy and entirely dedicated to the wellness of men’s hair and without parabens, paraffin, silicones and derivatives, GMO, SLS or SLES. No animal testing.

The secret of a healthy formula? A high concentration of essential oils. Naturally present in the leaves, petals and wood of individual plants (in the form of microscopic drops), they contain active ingredients with a high revitalizing power that can benefit the whole body. Not by chance, since ancient times, essential oils have been used in cosmetics to treat various problems and to give wellness and good health.

Hair is full of symbolism, more than any other body part: in mythology and ancient history, it’s an emblem of strength, sensuality and wisdom. Hair appearance reflects and expresses inner wellness and emotional state. Hair, in fact, keeps a memory of stress or tiredness periods and even potential nutritional deficiencies. Outer beauty is aided by Mother Nature’s intervention to help our hair. Essential oils, thoroughly studied raw materials and vegetable origin ingredients are the most important allies of evident beauty and wellness.